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Urban Theory

What is an Urban Theory?

An urban theory is the thought process that tries to plan and change - modify, the city for the better. It eglobes social aspects blended with architecture.

My notes and thoughts about it:

Links with Urban Theories and my Project

My project englobs the creation of voids. I had watched a documentary called "Paris-Berlin les Destins croisée" which shows how these capitals developed through History to remain the important nodes of their country and for the economic and social attractiveness. The process of developing these cities revolved around Creative destruction.

The second aspect of my project are the creation of sky routes. Sky routes remind me of science-fiction movies and illustrations, when the megapolis developed and the cities had to innovate into reorganising the transportation. These sky routes where mostly for fast speed trains or cars. However "The Future American City as Imagined in 1925" show the importance of pedestrians and how the city could be organised in layers.

The housing crisis is a current issue around the world and has always been part of our lives. After the second World War, Le Corbusier came up with a system to build vertical cities to create efficient and rapid housing in one place. Everything a person needs in one building.

The sustainable issue is a constant factor for creation. Agrarian urbanism came in counter act of the industrialisation and the moulding of new green cities on top of the old urban fabric is a counter act of reducing the footprint. These 2 are of course linked as the industry started the issue and developed through time. People need nature not matter what and there's always a "want" to bring it back or to go back to it.

Crime is unfortunately very present in Peckham but fortunately, architecture and design can help reduce it. Oscar Newman, James Q. Wilson and Georges L. Kelling are well known for being part of the "Crime prevention through environmental design". Their concepts and ideas remain used daily. This also links to the creation of voids and populating the abandoned areas and making them more attractive so also greener.

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