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My creative thinking

As part of my third-year architecture degree and as a consequence of the pandemic, we had to alternate and innovate our learning experience. Every student was asked to create an architectural diary in form of a blog. Other than expanding my web making skills, this online journal will allow our tutors and other students to follow each and everyone’s progress through viewing, commenting and sharing their opinions and experiences as we would carry out in studio. It will resemble a virtual sketchbook.

I have organized my blog in such a way that it would be easy to navigate on, so hopefully, it will. Categories are available to browse by the subject of interest. My sketchbook category will include concept sketches and models, site analysis, atmospheric perspectives and drafts of my plans, sections and elevations. My resource page is a list of inspirations, such as websites, books, articles, designs and images that I found for the given project. The inspirational category will show links and reflections about articles that I found interesting that are not necessarily related to the subject. The photography page is where I will post pictures that I took and that motivated me or inspired me. Finally, the Technology page will cover research carried out on lectures and our semester's project.

I believe that this blog should be an inspirational relaxing time with a nice warm cup of coffee. It is a time for creative reflection along with writing, as well as letting out ideas and creativity flow. I am excited about this different sharing experience. I find that it is an important and enriching part of the design process.

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