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The Creative Space

In this project, our aim was to create a building in one of the two given sites in Portsmouth. In order to select the appropriate site according to our future building purpose, we went on site, investigated it by taking measurements, key photographs, sketches and visited the Queens Hotel and the area to learn more about the history of site. Our goal was to create a space for artists or designers to work and share their knowledge in the city of Portsmouth. 


My building is mainly dedicated to a luthier’s workshop; therefore, I had taken contact with luthiers to interview them on how they worked and what tools or machines they used, in order to get an idea of the space that was required. I also visited The Kings Theatre and the New Theatre Royal in town to make myself aware of the sizes of the performance halls and of their layouts.


With this project, I wanted my building to stand out without creating a contemporary mole between beautiful Victorian buildings as a result I thought it important to keep the local materials and style, the bricks, while allowing a good amount of light through glass walls to be able to admire the work of the luthiers.

north elevation.jpg
south elevation.jpg
first and ground floor.jpg
2 and 3 floor.jpg
east section.jpg
Creative Space Project Model.jpg
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