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Center of Attention

This project allowed me to learn more about the historical area of Old Portsmouth. This city is known for its naval background as well as its multicultural activities. Through investigation, I decided to use the site to build a performance hall. This project allowed us to test architectural propositions, develop conceptual ideas and create a brief. 

To make my building complex last the test of time, I decided to create a new platform and foundation so that it would be able to float if it ever needed to be relocated in case of the rise of the sea level. 

This project was my last during the second year and it permitted me to expand my knowledge in technology and sustainability which I really enjoyed

Center of Attention South Elevation copy
COA North Elevation Photoshop copy 2.jpg
Design Sumbission - UP880444 - Center of
Design Sumbission - UP880444 - Center of
Center of Attention East Section FINAL c
Center of Attention North Section FINAL.
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