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The Beach Hut

This project was brought up by Portsmouth City Council during my first year. Their plan was to readapt and modernise the waterfront to attract more people and visitors. Beach huts have always been part of the waterfront scenery; therefore, the aim was to keep the traditional aspect of 3m by 3m ground space but redefine its use into something more original.


I reimagined the beach hut to be a dance floor which was inspired by the activity, constant movement and diversity that Portsmouth offers and by the divers street art around the city. 


This structure can be used day and night as it can be fully closed to keep the warmth in. This hut also has the advantage to unfold allowing an extra floor space. 


This was my very first architecture project. What I found interesting was that it pushed me to think outside the box and learn how to analyse and understand a city as well as develop curiosity while respecting Portsmouth’s culture and past. I was also able to start experimenting with what materials I could use considering the climatic conditions.  

Ground Floor
east side section.jpg
Link to technology follow up.
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