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The Water Sports Center

During the second year, we were asked to create a proposal for Hayling Island who was looking to renew their coast and develop a water sports center. 

The finished design is a flowing structure which allows being protected from the elements as well as a storage room for the equipment, teaching classes, an office and a coffee shop with framed views. The wrap which links the different buildings is made as sustainably as possible and makes it melt into the surroundings as it is located in a natural reserve.

For this project, I learned how to use AutoCad, Photoshope and Rhinocerause. With the last software, I was able to experiment with organic shapes and learn more about how to use the proper technology for the wrap and building to stand while not being overwhelmed by structural elements.

Water Sports Center-8.jpg
Water Sports Center-9.jpg
Water Sports Center-3.jpg
Water Sports Center-10.jpg
Water Sports Center-11.jpg
Water Sports Center-12.jpg
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