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Site choices in Peckham

This was my first draft plan with my proposal of how to layout the project. I will be keeping most of the same sites to trace over the "Old Peckham" to create the "Elevated Peckham".

I investigated potential sites to build on or above, trying to concentrate on the center as I wanted to bring social housing closer to it. Thinking sustainably, I did not want to demolish any good existing urban fabric. The site in blue are car parks which could become foundations for the new buildings. The streets in green are the ones I wished to improve, embellish, decongest in order to fight dis-comfort, crime, noise and pollution. The nodes are shown in pink. These are key points in the city where there is currently a lot of traffic. It is where I wish to create plazas, places to put forward as social activities. To connect the new buildings and the current green spaces in Peckham, I propose to created pedestrian and bicycle bridges surrounding the city center. Bringing back nature.

In order to Elevate Peckham, I will start with the heart of it as it is the most important part of the city, memory wise and commercial wise. It is also where there are the most car parks or free spaces to build on.


Red - Zone of interest which expends as the regeneration will grow

Yellow - Key roads

Dark Blue - Secondary roads

Light Blue - Sites to build on

Purple - Nodes and creation of plazas

Green - Green spaces

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