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Project Reflection - Before vs After

First idea for my project: Concept of bridges growing through the city like vines and bringing people together. The buildings are blooming flowers growing through the city.

The final project: Concept of bridge is kept. The buildings are moulded into and onto the urban fabric trying to be as sustainable and probable as possible.

I developed my concept from the first idea to include the people of Peckham more. Creating a futuristic sculptured project was too much for Peckham and could have been too much of an aggressive change. Creating the project step by step and in respect of the current urban fabric would allow the locals to adhere to the change and grow with it and make it their own by adding their own creative layer and their businesses into the project.

I really enjoyed creating this project because I was able to learn about a city's function and the concept of community and how it works. It is like learning about a rubik's cube. Every piece is connected to another, which interact together and form a whole.

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