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Final Plan for Peckham

Peckham is a lively multicultural area. It has a lot of potential due to its heritage and because of its location being close to London. Giving it a new fresh look and experience will attract tourist and improve Peckham's life.

To start I will regenerate the heart of Peckham, the train station. The arches offer much potential to create fluidity and commerces. This will valorise the forgotten beautiful original train station building.

Rye Station:

Next, I plan to regenerate Rye Lane, making it pedestrian and bringing water and greenery.

This will lead to create voids and plazas around Peckham Rye and creating new buildings above existing car parks. It is important to remember the sustainability factor for the long term. This project is also about to adapt Peckham people by stages.

As the project grows, buildings will rise with commercial levels, soothing Rye Lane, offices to promote employment, youth centres for social gatherings, and residencies.

These new buildings will be linked by bridges which will cross Peckham North-South and East-West. These bridges will allow to declutter the roads and will be a safe way for bicycles and pedestrians to navigate through the City. These bridges will also allow to add life such as cafés, performance area, lounge areas and greenery. Speaking of, this new high-rise network will also connect the current green space in Peckham to promote them. The bridge will then become the green belt around the City.

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