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Development sketches

Here are some doodles when I was thinking about connectivity and how to bring the community together with the help of architecture. I always draw curves because to me it is soothing and also triggers my curiosity. I tries sketching with more straight lines however Im not too convinced of it. Find it a bit harsh.

Peckham and its people will need to stay bound for the difficult times ahead, therefore finding the design that will allow the community to stay together and grow is a challenge as it is creating a whole new district, something the people are not very enthusiastic about.

Maybe one of the solutions would be to think of Peckham as an art project reflecting Its memories and its people?

I re-watching the documentary on "Ordinary Streets" and took the key sentences:

- "Streets is a line that connects people."

- "Convergence of divers people, objects and ideas."

- "Along Peckham Rye", the heart and commercial lane, "there is over 20 different countries of origin". Hidden behind the streets, "in the alleys are hipsters and artists that bring additional culture to the city". These small streets on the side seam messy but are the heart of fireworks of cultural diversity. Peckham is like a weaving cityscape that grows.

- "Ordinary streets are spaces of contact and contact refines our ability to socialise, experiment and to participate".

Connectivity for Peckham is essential, therefore creating a network based on diversity and Peckham's memories could help people adapt to the changes that Peckham will endure due to flooding.

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