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The purpose of making prototypes is to show and express some possible ideas for various projects. My aim, in most of my projects, is to look for fluidity. I believe it is at the same time soothing, adventurous and has the possibility to bring out peoples curiosity.  My inspiration mainly comes from nature and the site, where the building would stand, including its landscape, its history and its people.

These sketch models are made out of cut-up paper and mostly weaving. I find that crafting helps to materialise what I am imagining. After which I can start sketching buildings, their facades, their perspectives and their plans. Creating prototypes by hand also allows getting a feel of the space. To get a sense of scale, I sometimes add figures using photoshop. The scale can vary on one same sketch model bringing it to have different purposes.

Most of my prototypes included curves. I've always been intrigued by these shapes, what do they bring and what could they bring?

what's their meaning? How to use them to our advantage? How to create a fully functional space within each curve?

I take photographs in various positions and lightings to observe how the shapes respond to it and how it can be used to my advantage.

At the start of every project, I tend to come back to my old prototypes to see if maybe it would inspire me again or differently. 


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