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Technical thoughts and research

I advance in my layouts I try and put myself into someone else shoes and it is how I discover some explanations logical to me are not present on paper.

One of which was, I didn't clearly explain why I choose to build the bridges across the city, besides linking the nodes and green spaces. It was actually deeper than that. The layout of the sky routes depends on the road safety around the city and how to safely get to the heart of Peckham, being the train station.

Creating my Model in Rhino, I also had to create research on how to support the building above the car parks and how it would evolve and connect to the bridge.

The Seagram Building, New York, showed me the use of a core to support the structure of the building. And the Hengqin CRCC Plaza in Zhuhai, China, showed me the use of bridges and building connections.

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