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Task 2 Activity 1

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Notes and thoughts from the lecture:

Building components:

- Primary / Secondary Structure:

Cross Laminated Timber -> Establish Pros and Cons and

impacts and user and environment. Local materials?

Smart materials?

Bio materials? IMPACTS

Message that I am sending with my design? Future of buildings; bringing nature back into the city by using wood as a structure making a "forest" building.


What type? Where? Why?

- Mineral Wool

- RIR Board


- Woodfibre


Good Practice Guide to Insulation - Passivhaus Trust


What Type? For what Building?

- Residential (Have windows which can open on the south side to avoid overheating)

- Social areas (Have windows which can open on the south side to avoid overheating)

- Workshops: Metal, wood, painting, drawing (acoustic for noise coming from and to workshops)

- Dance (acoustic?)

- Exhibition space (acoustic?)

- Café space (Double curtain?)


- Overhangs -> What type? Where? Why?

- Generating alternative energy -> Facade or roof?

- Form finding

Wind catchers:

What type? Where?

- Workshops (evacuate smells)

- Dance

- Residential (HVAC)

- Exhibition (HVAC)


- Rain collection in lake

- Grey water recycling? Green area hydration?

What to Analyse?

- Rain, sun/shading, wind and location diagrams

- Geology: type of soil, water levels, to see if I can use heat pump, and see what foundations I will use

- Performance of building winter vs summer?

- Set out program for construction method -> Waste Materials on site -> deconstruction, will be recycling? during? After? Cycle!

- Cost: Material, how possible is it?

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