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Site Analysis - The Feel

Currently an industrial site.

Stuffy, dusty and gloomy feeling, Advantage for crime.

Near by is professional art galleries, restaurants, and commercial lane. There is a school and a Care home however near dangerous roads.

Taking advantage: Primary school and the social area with restaurants.

Adding a community sports centre will:

- Create an atmosphere of being part of a community.

- It will encourage the idea of the team and people will learn its importance.

- Good for the mental and physical wellbeing.

- One court but several layouts and possible games.


Adding a community creating and workshop with combined expo will:

- Allow self expression for all ages.

- Learn new skills.

- work with the hands.

- Exhibit their art to their community.


To do:

- add sport all on side on train tracks because of noise a less need of light.

- add Family residencies on south side close to the primary school.

- add young. adults and singles on social north-west side for activities.

Need of green spaces?

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