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Peckham, a city; how did it grow? What makes it special?

Over the years, villages become towns to then become cities. One of the main aspects that allow cities to develop is efficient networking. Networking is like the cities backbone. Investigating this system will help me understand how it develop and why. Depending on how spread out and dense the network is, it can indicate the importance of a city and give me a hint of who lives there. The way these networks interact with each other will also help me see where the action of the area is located and will lead me to find out what is fundamental about that specific area.

Cities where originally made for business men. New York is a good example for it. It was created in link with the technological revolution of high rises but was the center of employment. It wasn’t really meant for families or children. This raises the question of who is to live in the city? For who is it currently adapted for? Does it need more adaptation? Yes probably, as the disabled and even children are at risks living and walking around.

Peckham probably grew due to its networking system, but through reading, I’ve learned that this area is known for its people and in my opinion, what really makes a city and triggers its evolution in a certain direction is its people. People’s habits, their origins, the neighborhoods they live in and their economy allows to create an atmospheric pattern. This will be interesting for my project as it will show me their characters and their hopes for the future of Peckham.

The art of mapping is like telling a story. It should explain an aspect of a place by using a graphic picture. In this project I will have to find a way to capture the city's systems and environment. One of the ways might even be to create a language to better put them forward. This could be by using collages, sounds, colors or graphical patterns.

From this project, I will have to decide the story I want to tell through my mapping, lifting up the intriguing parts of Peckham and see its issues.

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