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Notes and Reflection on the Year Meeting

This weeks year meeting was about understanding cities. Cities come in various shapes and purposes. I took notes (in bleu and color) of the ones that interested me the most and wrote down extrat thoughts (in grey) of how I could apply them to my future design.

To answer the last question on my notes page, I believe the role of an architect is to ensure the future comfort and sustainability of homes and cities, whether they be on land or water. Architects have to constantly keep up to date with new technologies that can improve our environment and way of living. The Pandemic is a reminder of constant change and ability for disciplines like architecture to adapt and find solutions. Urban planning is a complicated matter because as the world changes and the population grows, old cities might have to adapt, as Paris had to in the mid 19th Century, or they will be abandoned for more hygenic, functional, contemporary and pleasant new cities.

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