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Interim Review 16.11.20

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

The following pictures are the presentation I exposed for my interim review. My first review was interesting and help me to see what needed to be improved and what to focus on for my project. As my proposal is quite dominant on Peckham, I need to find a way to make it so the people will except it. Creating a project which evolves with its surroundings such as the waters rising and the connectivity are the main points. The issues with my project as it is were that the bridges would take away the pedestrians away from Rye lane and this would impact badly the economy. I need to remember to keep the city of the past and future connect as much as I can.

New idea:

In the following weeks I will focus my research on Flooding. I will create improve some of my maps and create new ones such as:

- Flooding around Peckham-> are there flooding seasons?

- Flooding in Peckham in 30, 50, 100 years...

- Yearly rain fall diagram.

- Peckham topography -> what ground levels are going to be affected?

- How is the flooding going to impact Peckham? Commerce, congestion, ways of commuting, noise, crime rates, green areas, historical heritage.

- How to solve these issues in the new proposal?

This also impact on the problem of how is Peckham going to keep its identity in terms of daily life, commerce and culture?

- Maybe by reminding what Peckham used to be, such as London's orchard.

- Creating spaces to make Peckham their own through their art.

- Creating "Elevated Peckham" using "Old Peckham" Patterns? Meaning following the same routes and urban layout as a symbole and a reminder of Peckham to keep a sens of Identity? Not earasing the memories of it.

- Creating Peckham with local materials may also help keep its identity.

In the next few weeks I will also attempt to create a section of Peckham to illustrate my idea.

In a next blog I will also explain the sites I chose and why I chose them.

The following is the presentation I made on the 16th:

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