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History research for Peckham site

I carried out this research between the 19th and 26 of October but as you can see did not keep up with putting it online.

I am not originally from England, therefore to understand the site we were allocated, I had to understand what London was and how it was "structured" with defining the concept of city, boroughs and wards, and districts and furthermore comprehend their concepts and the reason of this organisation.

My notes cover research on how London and Peckham came to be. Understanding the growing process and why it happened. It showed me the importance of connectivity across London and beyond. Searching up its industrial history helped me expand my knowledge on under ground canals and the history of train lines and trading routes. I analysed the centre of action of Peckham in a bit more detail to understand the essential areas and its past and current layout/organisation. This gave me a few ideas on how to either create with or around certain elements.

My notations and diagrams are always quite colourful, it just helps me identify and understand better. I also included drafts on how I would plan out to explain my research on A3 sheets we had to make for the review.

The last page is an assembly of divers materials and architectures we can find in Peckham which resume the district in a different way, by illustration rather than words.

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