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BAFTA - Site Comparison

In order to choose one of the Six proposed locations, I compared their yearly weather forcast in wind, sun and rain. I also looked at what these towns or cities were known for to observe what kind of purpose it mainly served, such as comercial, universitary, business or art oriented, industrial and so on. I located the hotels to see how many there would be if BAFTA members or guests would need use of them. And finally tried to look for potential sites to use.

BAFTA ceremonies usually happen during Feburary. So I will be focusing my analysis on that time period.

Climat weather forcast resource from:

In my project I would like to try and use the wind, sun and ground geology to my adavantage.

Observing the windorse, the places with the most wind all year round are Liverpool, Bournemouth and St. Astell. The sunniest place between these is Bournemouth wich reaches 6.7 kWh in June. The rain average in Bournemouth ranges from 3.5cm to 7.1cm.

The graphs also show that the city is the most comfortable one as its comfort ranges form mid June to mid septembre.

Looking at its ground composition, my preference to choose Bournemouth as a site was confirmed as its mostly made of clay which is the optimim ground composition to implant and use a geothermal heat pump.

Bournmouth is a dense city but there are a few potential sites. (show sites)

To summerize, I believe that placing the new BAFTA centre in Bournemouth has potential as I can use the wind, the sun and the ground. It is also a large lively city with many other activites which attracts many tourists during most of the year with the ability to lodge them in there numerous hotels.

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