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Updated: Oct 27, 2020

During our Technology course in the first part of the semester, we were asked to create the new BAFTA centre while studying the construction, the construction management, the structural aspect, and the environmental and sustainable design, in one of the chosen sites at our disposition.

To put the project into context, The BAFTA, British Academy of Film and Television Arts, first started in 1947. It is an annual event that celebrates the best British and International contributions to motion picture film.

The award is an iconic ancient Greek theatre mask. These were used to enable one or three people to play several characters in the play, and, as all the actors were men, they could also play female roles wearing more feminine masks.

On the left are examples of traditional Ancient Greek theatre masks and on the right are the BAFTA awards.

The BAFTA Centre Design Requirements are simple. It should be built on a plot of land of 3500 sqm and the total built up area should not exceed 45% of that land. In order to apply the technology aspect of this module, we are asked to focus of the mass of the future building, but we did get guideslines as to the buidlings design requirements such as:

These requirements allow me to get an idea of the buidlings purpose and structure to start shapping it. The environmental analysis of the chosen site will refine the shape. I will analyse how the air flow, the sun exposure, the landscape and so on, effect the project. To help me, I will collect data such as charts, diagrams, calculations and figures. Fully embracing the environment and understand it. Once the building is sorted out, I will focus on the structural strategy, detailing of materials and construction methods, and finally, costs.

By including precedents and reflecting on them they should inspire me to really get into the technological part of this project. I always love a good challenge and I look forward to it!

There are Six proposed locations and for each of them, a different climatic condition and socioeconomic factor. I expect St.Astell and Bournemouth to be the windiest cities as they are on the same coast as Portsmouth which we all now is very windy. Tenby might be exposed to wind. I expect Oxford to be embeded in a rural area. I believe Liverpool and Newcastle are busy and have a very dense cityscape.

The 195 Piccadilly is a Grade II listed buidling that has been BAFTA's headquarters since 1974. The 2,050 sqm building currently houses BAFTA members spaces, the Princess Anne theatre with its 227 seat, the boardroom, meeting rooms and offices, as well as multi-purpose charitable and commercial event spaces, which help generate revenue to support BAFTA's wide-ranging charitable programmes. It is currently being refurbrished and due to open during summer 2021.

BAFTA''s Façade

Section through the BAFTA 195 Piccadilly buidling

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